Home Care Appointment Scheduling Software

Appointment scheduling and home care service booking software for home care professionals


Home Care Scheduling SoftwareHome care businesses can face many challenges unique to the industry. Fortunately, home care appointment scheduling offers a solution to some of the more difficult aspects of running this type of business. One of the main unique challenges that faces the home care business is the number of individuals who much be informed about activities at all times. In typical situations, caregivers, patients, involved family members and additional staff members must be included on all communications. Unfortunately, this can be an extremely time consuming and mistake-prone process without some type of help.

Home Appointment Scheduling Software

The ability to keep a community calendar that can provide necessary information to staff members and caregivers is essential in controlling this flow of information and reducing labor costs. In addition, sending automated appointment notifications and reminders to clients, caregivers and family members provides excellent record keeping and accurate information, as well as conserves significant labor hours spent manually updating communication. As new excess capacity is realized from appointment scheduling software, more focus can be taken on providing the best possible care for patients at all times.

Gigabook is an appointment scheduling software that offers a free 14-day trial. This software will help provide the aforementioned features to transform your home care business into a new, improved version. Along with the features previously mentioned, GigaBook provides an online booking widget so customers can book appointments based on real-time availability on your own website. Due to the limited schedules of the points of contact for many patients, the ability to schedule 24/7 could be a wonderful service for many people. Along with the spirit of increased communication, an integrated to do list can be created for each customer and assigned to a specific caregiver. This is just another way of providing the best possible service for your patients and increasing efficiency.

Capitalize on the free trial by visiting GigaBook today. No obligation or commitment is required to test out the service. Make sure to reach out to the support team if you have any issues.

Using online scheduling resources in your home care business can help you:

  • Create easily accessible group schedules
  • Easily send and automate appointment and visit reminders
  • Display your availability online and let your clients families schedule visits
  • Create group To Do Lists that can be shared¬†between multiple¬†caregivers
  • Print out schedules and task lists for home care providers