Home Inspector Scheduling Software

Scheduling software ideal for home inspectors and home inspection businesses

Home Inspector Scheduling SoftwareBeing in the Home Inspection field you are on the go and in the field for a large majority of your day, and being on the go means you need highly effective tools to keep you organized. GigaBook’s Scheduling Software for Home Inspectors is perfect for your situation. GigaBook will allow you to access your calendar and schedule appointments from any browser at any time. GigaBook also allows you to turn your website into a scheduling assistant with the ability to place a booking widget on your site to accept online appointments. The custom widget allows you to take online appointments when and how you want to, based on real-time availability.

GigaBook’s Scheduling Software was built with the small businessperson in mind. The idea is to help organize their schedules, make the software easily accessible from any device, and assist with growing your business by implementing conveniences and processes. GigaBook’s platform not only allows access to online appointments, but it allows for automatic email and text notifications and reminders to be sent to the client and the Inspector. If you have a team of Inspectors, then each person is sent an alert when an appointment has been scheduled with/for them. Whether you are a one-man show or have several others working with you, everyone has access to the calendar and to see each other’s schedules and availability.

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By implementing the GigaBook Scheduling Software, you will be able to:

  • Accept appointments from your website or create a unique booking site
  • Easily schedule call in appointments through the browser-based access
  • Send text and email notifications when appointments are made
  • Send email and text reminders as the appointment approaches
  • Quickly reschedule appointments and notify clients about the change
  • Increase your productivity
  • Decrease no-shows and cancellations through email and text communication
  • Convert website visitors into appointment


GigaBook understands that your time is valuable and has developed a Scheduling Software system for busy Home Inspectors to help lighten the load of administrative work, increase communication and organization within the business, and assist in making your business a more efficient and profitable place.


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