House Cleaning Appointment Software

Online booking software ideal for home cleaning services

House Cleaning Appointment SoftwareYou may own or manage a small business that cleans other people’s homes or small office buildings. While you are good at the deep cleaning and helping others keep organized, your desired task may not be returning phone calls for new clients and keeping your and your employees’ schedules organized. Let us clean up the booking mess with GigaBook.

Your home cleaning service can be available to book online 24 hours a day with GigaBook. You simply show your times available for a cleaning job, and your clients can book your time at their convenience. Or you can set up times for consultations for home cleaning quotes, and your new clients can choose from those options. And this all happens right on your very own website. Don’t have a website yet? No problem! Make one with us and see the number of appointments dramatically rise, as most people prefer to book online.

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What else can GigaBook offer? We are glad you asked…

  • Our customizable invoicing system will not only allow you to email invoices to your clients, but you can collect payment as well
  • You can set up promo codes for use on your website to attract new and returning clients
  • You can collect payment at time of booking to make it easier on the clients
  • GigaBook saves all client information at time of booking, so you can easily reference your client database
  • A built-in To-Do list makes your business more organized, ran out of a specific cleaner? Add it to your list!
  • You can send text and email reminders to the clients (as well as the employees), so your clients never forget you are coming

GigaBook is an amazing tool for small businesses to flourish with competitive and easy-to-use websites for the clients and the website owner, as well as keeping your internal business organized and more professional. GigaBook will be your hardest working and cheapest employee that will never complain about late hours or working on holidays. Check out GigaBook today and give your business the spring cleaning it deserves!