Housekeeper Appointment Software

Online appointment booking software ideal for housekeepers

Housekeeper Appointment SoftwareCommercial properties and private homes are often judged by their appearance.  Good housekeeping and hospitality have a big impact and often factor into visitors returning to places of business and homes.  It is important to take pride in good housekeeping.  Imagine checking into a hotel room and being greeted by a dirty sink, trash on the floor or stained linens.  Bad housekeeping can be a turn off.  Bad housekeeping leads to poor reviews of hotels online, therefore losing business and money.  Housekeeping requires consistency in cleanliness and maintenance to keep guests satisfied.  An excellent housekeeper adds a personalized touch to their business to impress clients and guests to set themselves apart from other housekeeping businesses.

Try GigaBook’s Housekeeper Appointment Software

When you have a business that includes housekeeping services subscribing to GigaBook is a good investment.  It offers a personalized booking widget so your clients can reserve the services you provide.  GigaBook offers great features that you can use in your housekeeping business.  It can send reminders via text and email so both clients and staff are reminded of the appointment.  It can also make recurring appointments, if your client wants cleaning services every weekend.  If something unexpected occurs and appointments must be rescheduled notifications can easily be sent to clients.  Using GigaBook’s to do list you can delegate tasks amongst employees to keep them moving from assignment to assignment.  GigaBook serves as your personal assistant to run your business smoothly.


With GigaBook Online Appointment Software you can:

  • Accept appointments requested through your existing website.
  • Create your own free personalized booking mini-site.
  • Send clients text messages and email reminders.
  • Send reminders to yourself or other staff about upcoming appointments.
  • Easily reschedule appointments and notify clients about the change.
  • Easily set repeat appointments.
  • Track success rate of all appointments.