Improving Efficiency in your Business

How to improve productivity and efficiency in your workplace

GigaBook BenefitsSmall and medium sized business face many unique challenges on a daily basis. Although many difference obstacles can be identifies, one of the most significant is efficiency. Small and medium sized businesses are forced to concentrate on operating as lean as possible while maintaining some high level of productivity. Many businesses fail to identify this issue or a solution to provide an increase in efficiency with the same general structure.

Enter, GigaBook! With a little set up time, GigaBook can operate as a new virtual assistant for a business, while automating many of the processes that tied down employees during work hours. With just a little initial set up, notifications and reminders can be customized to best represent the correspondence the business would like to portray to its customers. Using the default settings in the account, the delivery of each reminder and notification will occur automatically based upon timed settings.

Automating appointment notifications and reminders will make giant leaps in improving efficiency for small and medium sized businesses. Instead of spending all day trying to remind customers, employees can focus attention on ways to attract more revenue. Not to mention, automating these reminders will increase your level of successful appointments. By increasing the efficiency and decreasing the rate of missed appointments, revenue should be in new territory for the business.

GigaBook is a service that will allow all businesses a 14-day free trial with absolutely no obligation. Signing up for a trial is the first step in creating a new culture of efficiency and increased revenue. Keep in mind all the ways GigaBook can help with this exact culture:

  • Automate appointment notifications
  • Send automatic appointment reminders
  • Increase employee availability
  • Decrease appointment failure rates


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