In-Home Therapist Appointment Software

Online appointment software ideal for in-home therapists

In-Home Therapist Appointment SoftwareWith being a therapist there are all sorts of important protocols that you have to go through with your clients. These steps are very important and some are even legal boundaries for your business. All of this makes running your business even more tricky, but you still love it! With helping other people in this manor it requires you to take a lot of precautionary steps to make sure there is a strong trust field and make sure your clients feel extremely comfortable. This means you cannot be on your phone or trying to talk to other clients when you currently have one with you; complete attention is needed. This can make is very hard or very expensive to have your own practice when you can’t gain new clients, or you have to hire a secretary.

GigaBook can be the answer for you though. With GigaBook you can still gain clients without that cost of an expensive secretary! You can begin to accept appointments online through your current website or use a free one we give you! This allows you to be bookable at all times of the day; whether you are in with a client or at home asleep. You can have new and previous clients booking with you at any time! With you on the go; going from house to house, you need to have the mobility and flexibility to have a scheduling system just like you.

Try Gigabook’s In-Home Therapist Appointment Software

With Gigabook Online Appointment Software, you can:

  • No longer will you be limited by the times you can be on your phone, you can now take bookings online 24/7
  • You can send reminders and notifications to your clients and self via email and text message so everyone remembers and it prompt
  • Since your clients will most likely be booking multiple sessions, with just a click you can easily set recurring appointments

GigaBook can take your In-Home Therapist business to the next level but signing up today!