Inspection Services Appointment App

Appointment Scheduling Software For Inspection Services

Inspection Services Appointment AppAre you having a time staying on schedule and completing services on time? Having to stop an inspection to answer a phone call or email may not seem time-consuming in that moment. Over the course of a week, month or even year, you’ve lost a lot of time completing inspections. By having online appointment scheduling for your clients, you now create efficiencies within your business. Imagine being able to connect with new clients while delivering exceptional service to your clients, increasing client satisfaction. 

Try GigaBook’s Inspections Services Appointment Software

GigaBook gives you a fully customizable platform that gives you the ability to accept appointments through your current website. As clients schedule their services, you are able to send notifications through email and text about their appointment scheduled. Leading up to their appointment, you can send reminders through text and email, turning no-shows into always-shows with the automated notifications and reminders. With GigaBook you can sync with third-party calendars such as Google and Outlook, helping you never miss an appointment. You can accept payments for bookings, increasing your sales turning your website from static to transactional. GigaBook transforms your website into a real-time booking engine while also increasing sales at the same time!

Keep your business organized with project management tools and to-do lists. Projects can be assigned to staff members and monitored progress up to their completion. Being able to accomplish more projects means more efficiencies within your business. When to-do lists are created, they can also be assigned to staff members or all staff members and let us be honest. Everyone loves to cross things off a list. Customers are looking for an easy booking process and through GigaBook, you can offer that to them! You also can get your life back by automating a business process that is time-consuming and costly. 

With GigaBook Appointment Software you can:

  • Accept appointments using your existing website. 
  • Send email and text notifications to clients. 
  • Create projects for staff increasing efficiencies. 
  • Accept payments for bookings. 
  • Build customer and brand loyalty. 
  • Send reminders to staff members. 
  • Access GigaBook from any device. 
  • Generate and send invoices to clients.