Interior Decorator Scheduling Software

Online Appointment Booking Software for Interior Designers

Interior Decorator Appointment SoftwareWhen it comes to interior design, there are so many options to choose from. Whether that is the color schemes, the layout of furniture and decorations used. If can be a bit much for someone who is just starting out or does not have enough time to start it on their own. There is where you and company come in. Spending time with your clients, trying to understand and deliver the overall concept that they are envisioning. When you are with your clients, you want to ensure they have your full attention. However, with so many distractions available that can be hard to do. If you are answering your phone constantly, your client might perceive this a negative and potentially give your company a bad review. With online appointment booking, you can give your full attention to your clients, while still engaging with new clients. 

Try GigaBook’s Interior Decorator Scheduling Software

GigaBook’s online appointment software, allows you to stay connected with new and current clients, using your existing website. Clients can schedule appointments with you and your staff and receive notification through text and email about the appointment. If you have a client you see on a frequent basis, you can easily set a reoccurring appointment with them. If something unexpected were to come up, you can easily reschedule an appointment and notify your client of the scheduled changes. GigaBook syncs with third-party calendars such as Outlook and Google Calendar. You can also create project lists and to-do lists for yourself and staff. This helps with accomplishing a task that might not necessarily get done otherwise. After you’ve completed your services, you can create and monitor invoices sent to clients. With GigaBook, you can focus more on your client’s idea, while still being able to grow your business. 

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software you can:

  • Accept appointments with clients using your website. 
  • Sent texts and email notifications to clients about their appointment. 
  • Create efficiencies within your staff using project lists. 
  • Easily set reoccurring appointments with clients. 
  • Create and monitor invoices. 
  • Sync with third-party calendars such as Outlook and Google Calendar.