Interior Designer Appointment Software

Online appointment software ideal for interior designers and decorators

Interior Designer Appointment SoftwareThe home is our nesting place.  When we feel bored or uninspired by our living quarters we change the color palette of the linen, curtains and even walls.  Often times we feel the need to rearrange the furniture in our house to create balance.  However, not everyone has the eye or mind of an interior designer so we consult the professionals.  Interior Designers and decorators know what colors and designs blend best in any given room.  Mixing and matching are easy for them.  They have great taste without even trying.

Interior decorators adorn specific rooms or interior spaces of homes, offices and a wide variety of businesses and organizations all while staying within a client’s specifications and budget.  They choose from colors, paints, furniture, floor, window coverings and lighting to make a stunning outcome.

Try GigaBook’s Interior Designer Appointment Software

GigaBook will offer your Interior Design business online booking software in which you can customize and present your services and pricing.  Online booking is available twenty-four hours a day so that your clients can make appointments at their convenience.  It also sends reminders through text and email.  GigaBook’s to-do list tools help you create step-by-step plans and proposals to show and discuss with your clients.  The to-do list can also be assigned to your employees.  GigaBook has a lot to offer that can help you operate your business, such as the auto-generated invoices and emails.  This will generate an invoice automatically at the time of the scheduled appointment and it will send an invoice as an email notification to your clients at the time it is created or updated.


What does GigaBook offer that can help my interior decorator business succeed? 

  • Send email and text reminders to reduce no-shows.
  • Be available for online booking 24 hours a day.
  • Clearly display the services you offer with as much information as you want for each service including pricing, tutors, images and more.
  • Collect deposits online at time of booking.
  • Customize your invoices and email them to clients for the option of online payments.
  • Create custom booking forms to gather information of your clients prior to your first session.
  • Use the to-do list to assign employees tasks with due dates and email reminders.