Job Recruiter Appointment Booking Software

Online appointment scheduling application for job recruiters, placement firms

Job Recruiter Appointment Booking SoftwareWhether its business or medical, academic to construction, you’re always in the searching for the best new hires for the people who are employing you’re services. Its always so exciting for you to find the perfect candidate for the job. Not only does it help out the job seeker and the business that needs them, you get a nice little bit of money for finding the match. You will deal with trying to fill jobs from the top to the bottom, and finding the right mesh can sometimes be extremely tricky to do. You’ll have to put in hours of hours just to get that one job taken care of, or you might be able to knock out a few jobs quickly, its never the same and its always exciting.

Try GigaBook’s Job Recruiter Appointment Software

We all know what you don’t love to do though; and thats paper work, scheduling, talking with clients and when they need to meet you or reschedule. Its all a hassle and that is not what you signed up for when you wanted to get into this dynamic career. That is why GigaBook is here to change the way you can do business. We want you to get back into doing what you enjoy doing, as much as you can. We know that you are wasting hours on menial tasks that you wish could be done by something else, or to be automated; and now they are. GigaBook allows you to change your current website into a real-time booking site in just a few minutes, once you get everything the way you like it, it is just copy and paste.

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software, you can:

  • Begin to start taking online appointments with your availability immediately
  • Set up text messages or emails to be sent out to your venders or clients automatically
  • Send the same items to you so you never forget whats coming up
  • Set up recurring appointments with just a click of a button