Job Recruiter Appointment Software

Online booking software ideal for job recruiters

Job Recruiter Appointment SoftwareRecruiting is hard. You spend hours and hours pouring over resumes and applications until you find a few people that will work for the position. Then comes the “fun” part, you have to meet for a series of interviews. Scheduling these people can be a major chore, especially when they have current jobs or you have a secretary trying to book for you too. Complications everywhere! With GigaBook you can change that! You can put the hours that you want to be able to see applicants and let them schedule against your availability! It makes everything easier! With this you can also get notifications when they book with you and reminders about when and where. The complete booking and management tool here now here for you.

Try Gigabook’s Job Recruiter Appointment Software

With Gigabook Online Booking Software, you can:

  • Allow your applicants or recruits to book online according to when you have openings
  • Have automated messages sent to them about their appointment
  • Automate messages to remind yourself of these appointments
  • Sync your GigaBook calendar with iCloud, Outlook, or Google!

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