Maid Service Booking Software

Online appointment software ideal for maid and housekeeping businesses

Maid Service Booking SoftwareWith eight to ten houses on the list for the day and so much to clean in so little time. You don’t have a second to waste. When people pay for a maid or cleaning service they are paying for the best. They want a business that pays attention to detail and does not miss a spec of dust. Every house is different though. Some may just want some of the basics done or just a few rooms; then there are the mammoths where you have a bunch of rooms and your not sure if kids or a couple small dinosaurs live there. Either way, business is business and you are on a tight time frame with an even tighter budget. So think about this, would you completely automate your booking and scheduling system for as little as $7 a month? I think most would.

Try GigaBook’s Maid Service Booking Software

That is why GigaBook came out. GigaBook is here for to be affordable for small and medium businesses to help them with complete time management. First and foremost. Online booking. With with you can now take booking and get new clients and appointments literally 24/7. At home asleep? Well the internet is still on and that means you can still have a client book with you for later that week. All the benefits that you can gain from GigaBook are problems you have had in the past. Too expensive, needing more time, trying to get more business. Well guess what, if you have more time, you can fill that with more clients, then you can make more money, and expand your business! (Or retire!)

The point of GigaBook is to help you. We know that you are busy. We want to create efficiencies in your business so that you can get some of the free time back that you want, or so you can make more money. Clean up your business and sign up today!