Makeup Artist Booking Software

Online scheduling system ideal for makeup artists

Makeup Artist Booking SoftwareWhether it is costume makeup or beautician work, there is a HUGE industry around the artisanship. Everywhere you see videos of crazy Halloween creations of makeup or some of the most beautiful work for a girls last Homecoming Dance. These people are ALWAYS busy and never have time to rest. Makeup has become one of the most sought after professions for they younger generation because of the passion of doing what they love. So why bog them down with the business aspect of their passion; keep them on their dream and put the business stuff to the side.

That is now easily possible with GigaBook. You can allow people to book with you online at anytime of the day with your available hours! No longer will you be tied down to your cell phone trying to call or text your way to schedule the world. Now it is all automated for you. Once you setup your account you can get notifications on your phone about when you get a new client. You will have complete knowledge of your bookings without actually having to do it.

Try Gigabook’s Makeup Artist Booking Software

With Gigabook Online Booking Software, you can:

  • Allow clients to book online at anytime to take you hours!
  • Have emails and texts sent to remind your clients automatically!
  • Get notifications on your phone about new appointments!
  • Setup recurring appointments for those that like to come on a regular basis!

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