Mandarin Tutor Appointment Software

Online scheduling software for Mandarin tutors

Mandarin Tutor Appointment SoftwareWith China quickly growing to be the powerhouse that it is, parents everywhere are seeing a unique opportunity to get their kids a head of the game. Business people everywhere see that China is a force to be reckoned with. These are just some of the proactive parents that want to see their kid get that extra scholarship, or get the promotion, or even have the easier ability to follow their dreams. Everywhere in the world you see people speaking either their native language or English; but these kids you work with, they can speak Mandarin. Mandarin is quickly becoming one of the most learned languages in the United States, which makes you a rare commodity since you are selling your services to the highest bidder.

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We all know teaching a foreign language is not fun and games. Hours of rigorous studying and lesson planning. Then when you’re not learning the latest lingo or deciding what to teach next, you have to still teach it! This right here is enough to my Mao Zedong pick a new profession. However, there’s more, all of your booking needs and scheduling, payments, the whole nine yards. Fortunately for you GigaBook was created so you do not have to worry about this anymore. GigaBook can allow your students to book online and and get automated emails and texts so they are never late or forget about an appointment!

GigaBook also allows you to have classes. In our Group Session settings, you can customize this area to fit your business perfectly. Now you can have multiple student