Masseuse Appointment Booking Software

Online Appointment Booking Software for Masseuses

Masseuse Appointment Booking SoftwareWhen clients come to you, they expect to leave relaxed. Your clients are looking for a place of peace where they can relax and relieve their stress. If their massage is interrupted by phone calls and emails, chances are they will become more stressed and not come back for another appointment. Growing your business can be tough when you are away from the phone or email. There is a potential for missed appointments that can be scheduled. Online appointment booking software lets you focus on service to your current clients while accepting appointments with new clients and helping you grow your business.

Try GigaBook’s Masseuse Appointment Software

When you utilize appointment booking software with GigaBook, you are able to free up more time letting you focus on the things you love doing. With GigaBook you are able to create a customizable booking feature that integrates with your current website. Your clients will be able to book 24/7, so no more missed appointments. GigaBook will send notification and reminders to your clients, yourself and your staff. When you have clients that you see regularly, you can easily set reoccurring appointments with those clients. If something unexpected occurs and you need to reschedule an appointment, you can do so easily and notify your clients of the appointment change. Using the to-do list feature, you are able to maximize efficiency within your business by completing tasks were done that might get overlooked.

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software you can:

  • Accept appointment using your existing website.
  • Create a custom booking widget that matches your website.
  • Send notifications and reminders to your clients and staff.
  • Easily schedule reoccurring appointments.
  • Create invoices and accept payments.
  • Accept appointments after business hours.