Moving Business Booking Software

Online scheduling software for moving companies

Moving Business Booking SoftwareMoving companies are always on the go. Whether it is moving furniture from a house to a truck or place to place, this is not a “multitasking” business. Especially when you are carrying a 50 year old vase that has been in your clients family for three generations. You have to be careful in transportation in every single step. This means that there may not be a lot of time to have a phone in your hand or be distracted by a blue-tooth ear piece talking to potential clients. Not only is that bad efficiency, your clients get uneasy when they don’t see 100% focus and effort. Their whole lives are in your business’ hands and you know that they need that reassurance.

So that brings up a very valid question then, when am I going to schedule and book my new clients? Well, GigaBook has your back. You can now take bookings online through either your company website or one that we provide for free! Now, you no longer even have to be connected to your phone in order to get a new booking! Right when you gain a new client you can get an email or text giving you all the details. Nothing is more time saving and efficient that letting the internet work for you. GigaBook allows you to make this widget completely customizable; asking the most specific questions to best understand your client. If you are a company that wants to know all of your information upfront, our custom forms with make your life a living dream.

Try Gigabook’s Moving Business Booking Software

Using GigaBook’s Online Booking Software you can: 

  • Booking Software, you can:Allow bookings to be taken online 24/7
  • Send email or text reminders to your clients so they know what time you are showing up to begin moving
  • Get notifications so that you know who books with you and when
  • Set up “resources” so that you can always know who’s using what major equipment

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