Music Student Appointment Booking Software

Online booking software ideal for use by music instructors or group lessons

Music Student Appointment Booking SoftwareAre you feeling overwhelmed with your current scheduling process for your students? Do you hold individual or group lessons? Do you wish you could avoid the constant, “When are you available?” conversations? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, there is a better way.

GigaBook’s music student appointment booking software eliminates that question, and others like it, reducing the headache and hassle while allowing you more time for you to accomplish more throughout the day and focus on your current students. All of this, while simultaneously reducing your expenses, creating overall business growth and reducing the number of missed opportunities on acquiring new students.

Try GigaBook’s Music Student Appointment Booking Software

Your clients are also looking for a simplified booking process, one where they don’t have to jump through lots of hoops just to schedule. With GigaBook’s music student appointment booking software, you can offer them just that and reduce the stresses you have within your current process. Easily schedule group lessons with students as well as individual lessons. Stay connected with your students with personalized text and email notifications and reminders, ensuring a much-reduced risk of no-shows. You can also sync your Google, Apple, Outlook, Exchange or Office 365 calendar using GigaBook’s calendar syncing feature, GigaSync. This ensures you and your clients are always in-the-know and increases overall communication while increasing client satisfaction.

GigaBook’s music student appointment booking software integrates with any website, giving you a fully customizable platform that can match your business and personality style. Your GigaBook account is accessible from anywhere, on any device, helping you stay organized even when you’re away from the studio. Accept payments for bookings on your website, taking your site from static to transactional. Let GigaBook turn your website into a real time booking engine and make it your hardest working employee – GigaBook never takes a break, holiday or vacation.

Using GigaBook’s music student appointment booking software, you can:

  • Accept appointments using your current website.
  • Stay connected with text and email notifications.
  • Accept payments automatically.
  • Send reminders to clients.
  • Sync your third-party calendar(s).
  • Access your platform from anywhere, on any device.
  • Plus, much more!

Are you ready to start focusing more on the things you enjoy in life? Get started with GigaBook through our risk-free, no-obligation, 14-day trial and start seeing the efficiencies and benefits GigaBook can create for you!