Nail Artist Appointment Booking Software

Online Nail Artist Appointment Booking Software


Nail Artist Appointment Booking SoftwareThroughout the day, you probably see numerous clients for appointments. Each client has either called to schedule an appointment or simply walked in. Which is great for your business, but it can be difficult at times to concentrate with the customer you are currently with, with so many distractions going on in the background. If you’re not fully focused, your service may suffer. That could be putting the wrong color or pattern on, to breaking a nail by accident. Negative instances like those can hurt a businesses reputation. Negative reviews online and word of mouth will be changeling to overcome. Luckily for you, most of it can be avoided when your business accepts online appointment bookings.

Try GigaBook’s Nail Artist Appointment Software

When your business accepts online appointment booking, you and your staff have more time to focus on your current customers. With GigaBook’s appointment booking software you are able to accept online appointment bookings through your already existing website. Through the widget tool, you can customize it the way you want, to match the themes of your existing site. You are able to send notification reminders to your clients about their upcoming appointments scheduled. You can sync Gigabook with other calendars, ensuring that an appointment is never missed. You can easily set reoccurring appointments and block times for staff meetings.

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software you can:

  • Accept online appointments through your website.
  • Easily set reoccurring appointments.
  • Send notifications to customers about their upcoming appointment.
  • Sync with other calendars.
  • Have the ability to accept appointments 24/7.