Notary Appointment Booking Software

Online appointment booking for Notary officials

Notary Appointment Booking SoftwareYou may be a notary part-time or full time. You might have an office where clients can come to you, or you may meet them out somewhere. Either way, your clients probably look you up online, have to contact you, you have to find your next available time that works with their schedule, book them on your calendar, you have to hope they show up so they don’t waste your time, and that they will have money to pay you.

What if this could all be solved with one simple step? GigaBook is your answer for all online bookings for small to medium businesses. GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment-booking platform that can fit right on your existing website allowing your clients to book your time and pay up front if required without you ever having to answer your phone.

 Try GigaBook’s Notary Appointment Booking Software

GigaBook offers many advanced features to help your business flourish, such as:

  • 24 hour booking available online through any phone or computer
  • Payment can be accepted at time of booking
  • Text and Email reminders to you and your clients to reduce no-shows
  • A built-in To Do List so you can keep your business organized with email reminders for tasks due
  • Saves your client list from all bookings, great for future promotions or reference
  • Promotional codes can be used on booking application
  • An invoicing system to keep track of paid and unpaid clients

GigaBook is building the path for small businesses to grow without the dull headaches and complications. Technology is here to make life easier, so why not take note of the advantages around you and try out GigaBook today!