Nutrition Specialist Appointment Software

Nutrition Specialist Online Appointment Booking Software


Nutrition Specialist Appointment SoftwareEvery year there seems to be trending theme and that is health and fitness. Consumers are realizing more and more how important health is. Major food companies have spent numerous amounts of money in research and marketing to make their food highly addictive. Now as consumers start to realize what these companies are doing, they are now shifting to healthier choice but are not educated in this area. With so many different food options, diet plans and other nutritional products to choose from customers need your help in making the right decision based on their goals. As a nutrition specialist, you may offer one on one sessions, group classes and maybe fitness classes as well. As your client base grows, it can become difficult to manage and keep things organized. With online appointment booking, you can easily schedule an appointment and manage your schedule.

Try GigaBook’s Nutrition Specialist Appointment Software

Offering appointment booking software through your existing website, helps you manage your schedule and maximize your time. GigaBook offers a highly customizable booking software that you can use with your existing website.  You can send notification reminders to clients who have a scheduled appointment. You can set reoccurring appointments for clients for offered classes and other sessions. With GigaBook you can sync with your other calendars such as Gmail and Outlook.

With Online Appointment Booking Software you can:

  • Use your existing website to accept appointments.
  • Send notification reminders to clients about scheduled appointments.
  • Sync with other calendars.
  • Set projects and to-do lists for you and your staff.
  • Set individual appointments and group sessions.