Online Appointment Booking Applications with Promo Codes

Take online reservations and bookings using promo and discount codes at point of payment

Everyone loves discounts. Even you love the idea of drumming up a lot of new, fast business; or rewarding your long time customers for their great loyalty. There is not always an easy way to do that though. Sometimes you just have to tell them at the spur of the moment that you want to reward them or tell them that the next time the come in they can get a discount. Still, that proves many problems; you will not actually gain new or fast business if you tell them at the spur of the moment. Then, if you tell them that they can have a discount next time; you have to either remember or create some kind of document that will help you remember, and that can get to be costly.

Try GigaBook’s Online Booking with Promo Codes

With GigaBook you can make all of these tasks very easy and most importantly, very fast. GigaBook offers Promo Codes. You see these with large companies all the time at check out, and now you have the ability to offer those same great deals that they can. You can customize your settings so that certain Promo Codes will only work a certain number of times or they can only be used during certain dates! The options are limitless for you!

With GigaBook’s ability to mass email your clients, you can send them a promotional offer for “4th of July!” or anything that fits your business currently. These can be customized for birthdays or any event you wish. Since GigaBook allows you to customize the emails you send to your clients these templets can be made and slightly altered for your promotional events.

GigaBook wants to help you create the strongest and most efficient relationships with your clients. Though GigaBook’s Promo Codes you can not only save your clients money and see them happy, but also save yourself time and energy.

Online Booking with Promo Codes