Online Appointment Scheduling Books, Apps

Online schedule management application for small or medium sized businesses

Online Scheduling BookIt’s 2015 and it might be time for you to toss out that old appointment scheduling book that you have been using.  With the kind of affordable options that are available for business owners now there really isn’t a good reason to not keep and manage your appointments online.  You can utilize cloud based services like GigaBook to keep track of all of your events, appointments and other schedule items!

Businesses that have moved their scheduling online are currently benefitting from:

  • Increased appointment success rate
  • Better team communication
  • Ability to schedule from anywhere they have internet access

Moving to an online scheduling book will also provide your business with a lot of access to other helpful tools such as:

  • Automated appointment and event reminders through email or SMS text messaging
  • The ability to take appointments on your existing website
  • Access to other business tools
  • Ability to print reports
  • Centralized Client Lists
  • Enhanced ability to track client contact and interaction

Use of centralized scheduling and business management tools are also likely to create a greater sense of teamwork and co-operation amongst your staff.  Being able to openly and freely communicate is something that has been proven to improve productivity and happiness within teams.  Open communication can also create efficiency within your business by freeing up time that was previously being used to try and establish communication between team members.  Your new online appointment book will make it easy for everyone at your business to know who is available and when!  That means you don’t have to say “I don’t know” to your clients and customers.

One of the GigaBook features that you will access to is the Online To Do List, this will allow you and your co-workers to easily leave each other To-Do items and for you as the business owner to easily delegate tasks to your employees.  Let’s be honest, don’t you always remember all of the stuff you need to do at the times you don’t have access to your employees?  You can easily set Due Dates and reminders for your employees and also setup notifications to let them know when a new item has been added to their list!

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