Online Booking Engine Software

Online appointment, scheduling and booking engine for small, medium sized businesses

Many small and medium size business owners have to deal with change in numerous different ways. People within the organization typically try to fight change in the beginning due to the unfamiliar nature. People are creatures of habit, which isn’t always conducive to the most productive culture. Business owners must take the lead and always look for new ways to innovate and create the most efficiency possible at every level. Looking within is one of the easiest ways to immediately make a direct impact on the bottom line. For small businesses, budgetary restraints can sometimes put a train on attempting to create new efficiencies through technology but not anymore!

Try the GigaBook Online Booking Engine

Online Booking Engine SoftwareGigaBook offers affordable online booking engines to help create a culture of collaboration and automation. Allowing everyone in the business to enter a schedule online gets everyone involved with the entire business. Essentially, you take an organization of many individuals and bring them all together to work towards the same end goal. This will increase the collaboration amongst people with different responsibilities to create a better end result. Also, getting everyone to begin using technology will create a more efficient culture as the business grows.

“The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.”- Peter Drucker

GigaBook also allows customers to book appointments online for selected services based on real-time availability that can be set through the account. Once again, the theme of creating new efficiency is on display. Your customers can feel a higher level of satisfaction by having open access to your business, while actually relieving employees of work. This creates more time for employees to do additional activities to help grow the business.

 All of this can be started with a free 14-day trial from GigaBook. Take advantage of this great service by signing up today.

Using the GigaBook Online Booking Engine will help you:

  • Take appointments on your website
  • Create appointments based on the next service provider available
  • Auto-Confirm appointment requests or confirm manually
  • Send appointment reminders via text messages or emails
  • Create your own branded booking application (for enterprise customers)
  • Bookings for group sessions or individual services
  • Set up custom notification settings for your service providers and clients