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Online Resource Booking PlatformWith the world being taken over by services, you take a different path. You have a unique resource that you offer for rent that can help many different people. Maybe that resource is a conference room you allow to be rented out, or a rental car you let be used! You saw the demand for it and now you have the resource available to rent it out to the public. The hardest part of owning the resource, is being able to rent it out easily and not make it take up all of your time. You do not want this to consume your whole life! So let us come in and help you a little bit…

GigaBook was created to maximize your profits, but also your efficiencies and time. GigaBook allows you to have your resources be booked online at a real-time speed. No longer will you have to carry a calendar book with you or always have to seek back and forth with clients trying to book that particular resource; and if you have more than one it can take up all of your time and be a hassle. GigaBook can allow you to automate everything, so if a client wants a time that shows open, then can automatically have it. It allows you to get back to what you enjoy doing with you free time again.

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With GigaBook, you are also able to create and track invoices of your clients. You can collect any payments right through the website and create reports to show your goals and progress.

With the real-time booking, you can add it to your existing website as easily as copy and paste! If you do not already have a website, no worries, we can create a page for you for free!

Take Online Appointments and Bookings for:

  • Rooms
  • Facilities
  • Equipment
  • Vehicles

Your current website can be a real-time booking website in no time!