Online Shift Scheduling Software

Create shift schedules online, print daily, weekly and month reports

Shift Scheduling Software

Schedule your employees easily and efficiently online

Keeping track of ever-changing shifts can be one of the most consuming tasks for any manager or business owner. As shifts are changed, swapped and covered, it can be difficult to have a firm grasp on what resources will be available at the start of each shift without spending large amounts of time micromanaging the task. Instead of spending time on other important tasks, the days get lost to this unproductive activity. Fortunately, shift scheduling software can help manage this process with quick entries from staff members to keep an organized schedule at all times.

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When you use GigaBook Online Scheduling tools you can:

  • Easily create daily, weekly and monthly schedules for employees
  • Print out the schedule and details for the day or week
  • Create and download reports
  • Allow your employees or team to view their schedule online from anywhere
  • Create efficiency through online shift scheduling
  • Know everyones availability with real time data
  • Create repeating an ongoing schedules
  • Setup automated reminders for employees about upcoming shifts
  • Easily notify employees about scheduling changes or cancellations

While many shift scheduling software options exist, GigaBook offers shift scheduling and much more. Take a look at just some of the helpful features you can utilize with a free trial from GigaBook:

Shift Scheduling

Each business can use GigaBook as a scheduling tool with a specific point of contact to schedule or allow each employee to log in and handle the scheduling process individually.

To Do List

Increase productivity amongst employees by utilizing a to do list that provides email notifications and reminders for each task. Take advantage of this feature to achieve a new level of completion throughout the business.

Automated Reminders

Often times, shifts are swapped and someone forgets. This leads to multiple people showing up for the shift, or in worst-case scenarios no one covers the shift. Use the automated email and test message reminders to send friendly reminders in hopes of avoiding this exact situation.

GigaBook offers these features and many more for an affordable price. Subscriptions can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis. All annual subscriptions offer a discounted rate compared to monthly subscriptions. Take advantage of the cost savings by purchasing for a whole year. Get started with your free 14-day trial today.