Party Bus Appointment Apps

Appointment Software Apps For Party Buses

Party Bus Appointment AppsCustomers want and are looking for an easy booking/reservation process for their night of fun. Whether is a wedding party or friends celebrating a birthday, they want to book a bus that is easy to schedule and get them safely from one destination to another. Online appointment scheduling allows your clients to schedule their event with you, without any headaches. GigaBook allows your clients to experience a simple and easy booking process, that lets them schedule based on current availability. Imagine knowing where your buses need to be on specific days without having to flip from one spreadsheet to another. 

Try GigaBook Party Bus Appointment Software

Booking software with GigaBook can increase efficiencies not only in your booking process but in all areas of your business as well. When you offer online appointment scheduling, you now create more time to do other things such as that extensive to do list. When clients book a party bus, stay in contact with them leading up to and after their event. GigaBook sends out email and text notifications to you and your clients about schedule appointments. You can also send out reminders leading up to their fun night. If something unexpected comes up, you can easily reschedule/shift your schedule and notify your clients of the changes. 

GigaBook offers a fully customizable platform that works with your website to accept appointment booking through. Are you wondering about payments? With GigaBook you are able to accept payments with bookings. You can track client’s and their associated invoices. Using the project management tool, you can assign projects to staff members and monitor the status of the project up to completion. You can even sync third-party calendars such as Google and Outlook to GigaBook. GigaBook can create many efficiencies within your business, are you ready to free yourself? 

With GigaBook’s Appointment Software you can: 

  • Accept appointment through your website. 
  • Send notifications through text and email to clients. 
  • Accept payments for bookings.
  • Sync with third-party calendars.  
  • Send reminders to clients and your staff. 
  • Create efficiencies within your business.