Party Bus Booking Software

Booking Software ideal for party buses, special occasions and mobile venues

Party Bus Booking Software

Groups who rent party buses may have a destination in mind for where their transportation drops them off, but as a party bus business owner, you know that’s not always the case. A party bus is capable of functioning as a moving venue, as well as a way to get the party vibes going before eventually arriving if that’s the plan.

It’s no surprise these fun-fueled vehicles get their full use by sports fans en route to a game,  bachelor and bachelorette parties, class reunions, or just a night of fun with a group of friends. High ceilings and the extra room afforded on a party bus make it possible for more activities, including party games and even dancing.

Additionally, party buses have developed a reputation for versatility, giving the opportunity to add customized theme decorations and lighting to establish a fun-filled atmosphere pertinent to the occasion.

 Try GigaBook’s Party Bus Booking Software

You see a lot of different ideas and groups as a party bus business owner, and it’s great to be able to provide your services and a fun experience for your customers. But there are times it would be great to focus on things that help your business grow that your customers don’t see, like actually scheduling the event. That’s where a great party bus booking software comes in.

GigaBook’s party bus booking software allows you to accept appointments through your current website, saving you time and effort. With GigaBook’s Share and Embed functionality, you can integrate your booking page on your social media page or website, allowing customers to see real-time availability.

Using GigaSync, GigaBook’s party bus booking software syncs with your and your customers’ third-party calendars as well — Microsoft Office, Google Calendar, Office 365, Apple iCal and Exchange — ensuring everyone is always in the loop. This leads to much higher efficiency and better communication on all levels.

Through the use of GigaBook’s customizable notifications and reminders, you can keep staff and customers updated through email, text or both. If there is ever a need to reschedule, GigaBook can send notifications letting people know of the schedule change. You also have the ability to automate and send reminders about upcoming appointments.

Our party bus booking software allows you to automate invoicing and payment collection as well, taking you away from the tediousness. As your business continues to grow, our integration with QuickBooks will give you piece of mind knowing you have accurate and timely accounting functionality.

With GigaBook’s party bus booking software, you have the ability to:

  • Accept appointments through your website
  • Sync with third-party calendars
  • Send email and text notifications and reminders
  • Create and track invoices
  • Do much more!

Get started with GigaBook’s party bus booking software today! We offer a free, 14-day, no obligation trial to get you started on your path so saving time, money and resources!