Party Bus Scheduling Software

Online Scheduling Software Ideal for Booking Party Buses and Mobile Group Gatherings

Online Scheduling Software for Party BusesAs a party bus business owner, you know how to “get this party started.” With a party bus, customers can soak up every moment of fun and get excited, even before they reach their destination.

Aside from the freedom to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, when groups rent a party bus, the group can all travel together, which is the most enjoyable part.

No matter the occasion — coworkers heading to a convention, a wedding party heading to the reception, business VIPs shuttling in from the airport, guides giving tours to large parties — the possibilities are endless.

However, there are times when it would be great to focus on making sure your customers’ occasions are as enjoyable as possible without having to worry about the behind-the-scenes things that take place as your business grows.

Try GigaBook’s Party Bus Scheduling Software

GigaBook’s party bus scheduling software turns your website into a full-time, transactional booking engine by accepting appointments and payments This leads to more overall bookings and eliminates double-bookings. The ease-of-use and the ability to view real-time availability will also lead to repeat and referral business.

Whether you currently use Microsoft Office, Google Calendar, Office 365, Apple iCal or Exchange, GigaBook’s party bus scheduling software will sync with your calendar. It will sync with your staff’s and customers’ calendars as well. This leads to much higher efficiency and better communication on all levels, so your business can continue to thrive and grow.

GigaBook offers the ability to create customized notifications and reminders through email and/or text. If you ever run into an unforeseen schedule change or cancellation, our party bus scheduling software will send notifications to the appropriate people to let them know of the change. You also have the ability to automate and send reminders about upcoming appointments.

There are many tasks throughout the office no one wants to deal with, like invoicing. GigaBook’s party bus scheduling software allows you to automate this and focus on things that require more attention. Speaking of automation, as your business continues to grow, you will obtain recurring clients of many types. Scheduling these repeat bookings can be taxing, but it becomes much more efficient with a solid booking system for party buses.

With GigaBook’s party bus scheduling software, you can:

  • Accept appointments and payment through your website
  • Sync with third-party calendars
  • Send custom notifications and reminders
  • Easily schedule repeat appointments with clients
  • Create and track invoices
  • And so much more!

Feel free to try GigaBook with a free, 14-day trial and see how your party bus business can become more efficient and continue to grow!