Party Bus Scheduling Software

Scheduling Software for Party Bus Bookings

Party Bus Scheduling SoftwareIn the party bus business, the fun begins when the engine starts. It’s your job to keep your clients hyped up and ready for their event by providing a carefree and fun atmosphere for them. The last thing they should worry about is whether or not their chauffeur will be on time to pick them up. Although party buses are considered a luxury transportation, most clients actually make bookings because it’s a safe, convenient and even economical means of moving a large group of rowdy partygoers.

People often party, so you can expect a steady stream of demands coming in, especially during holiday season. You’ll end up with consecutive bookings within a short amount of time. And with the high level of demand inevitably comes a number of problems. You might end up assigning the wrong vehicles, the time and dates get switched up, or payment discrepancies occur. You’ll be stressed out trying to provide a stress-free service. This is exactly why you need to organize your booking system to avoid all those terrible outcomes.   

Try GigaBook’s Party Bus Scheduling Software

GigaBook’s party bus scheduling software is strategically designed to make it easier for you to run your operations. Using the software, you can accept bookings and payment through your website to expedite customer transactions. By automating your business process, you prevent scheduling conflicts and payment disputes.  

Customize the types of bookings your business offers and choose the dates of availability. You can even add in the Group Booking feature to cater to those clients who will be riding in large numbers. This way, you can control the number of passengers and assign the ideal vehicle to accommodate them.

You can also automate sending personalized text and email notifications to your customers. This is useful during the actual event; passengers can get a heads up when the chauffeur is on the way, and the driver won’t have to worry about informing them of the pickup location. This saves up a lot of time and energy for both your staff and customer.

All-in-all, GigaBook’s party bus scheduling software guarantees ultimate client satisfaction. You can keep your client smiling from the moment they’re picked up until the minute they’re dropped off.

With GigaBook’s party bus scheduling software, you can:

  • Schedule appointments online
  • Send automated reminders and notifications
  • Keep track of client transactions
  • Organize your business schedule
  • And a lot more!

Sign up for a free, no-obligation, 14-day trial with GigaBook’s party bus scheduling software and discover how it can enhance your operations.