Party Concession Machine Rental Software

Online reservation software for party concession machines

Party Concession Machine RentalCotton Candy, Pop Corn, Kettle corn, you know the drill because you have it all! You are the one who has the party on the go for anyone to use. Even on the right days you have snow-cones and ice cream! This concession machines are what makes people parties that best on the block, and you letting them be rent out makes you the closest thing to a hero some of these parents have ever seen. Sometimes lugging these things around to different parties can be a chore, but when the kids see the cotton candy or snow-cones, you remember that is the joy you bring to them is why you do it. Nothing makes you happier!

Try GigaBook’s Party Concession Machine Rental

With GigaBook you can now make this easier than ever! Will will let you get rid of all those planner books and extra calendars that drive you crazy, then we will allow you to start taking bookings online! These can be automatically added to a calendar you have on the internet so you always have access to it from either a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Will taking bookings online you can limit the amount of time you waste on the phone trying to plan times with your customers.

With Gigabook Online Booking Software, you can:

  • Turn your curling website into a real-time booking site to begin taking appointments
  • Get emails or text messages sent to you and your customers so no one misses a booking
  • Setup recurring parties, fairs, or festivals, with a click of a button so that you are never booked for your busiest events

The following benefits can be experienced with the use of effective booking and calendar management:

  • Limit your no-shows and strengthen your conversion rate of customers
  • Maximize retention rate with GigaBook’s reminders and notifications
  • Increase revenue by reducing time on scheduling and increase effectiveness