Payroll Specialist Appointment Software

Online booking application for payroll specialists

Payroll Specialist Appointment SoftwareMost small businesses need to hire a payroll specialist, as they cannot afford or need an entire accounting department. That is where you come in. You might make sure hours are counted correctly and cut the checks on time for multiple small businesses. You may also help create tax data for the businesses’ accountants. You are busy crunching numbers all day, so setting business appointments with current and potential clients may be cutting into your productive work time. And that is where GigaBook comes in.

GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment-booking platform, that you can fit right onto your existing website and it will take all of your appointment bookings for you without you needing to make a single return phone call. You simply have your GigaBook calendar present your available face-to-face or phone appointment times, and your clients can book you at their convenience, 24 hours a day, through any computer, phone, or tablet. Your calendar works in real time, too, so once you are booked, this spot is no longer available for the next client. So no double booking!

Try GigaBook’s Payroll Specialist Appointment Software 

GigaBook offers much more than just online booking, including:

  • Text or email reminders, which reduces no-shows
  • No website? No problem! Make an informative webpage with us at no extra cost
  • You can access your GigaBook dashboard from any computer or mobile device
  • Accept payment at time of booking
  • An invoicing system to help you keep track of client balances
  • Calendar sharing including Google Sync
  • A built-in To Do list with email reminders of tasks due to keep you organized and efficient

As your own online assistant, GigaBook is here to make your job more productive as it frees up a lot of your time and establishes a productive system all in one easy to use platform. Don’t miss out, try GigaBook today!