Personal Trainer Appointment Software

Using GigaBook within your Personal Training Business

Personal Trainer SoftwareYour career as a personal trainer is a busy one. You’re constantly interacting with your clients, whether it’s consulting in your office, giving tours of your facility or training in the gym. It’s not convenient—or fair to your customers—to take a call when you’re in the middle of instructing or observing performance. Gigabook schedules appointments, keeps your calendar organized and your customers informed. Being able to send appointment reminders reduces phone calls and lowers your no-shows so you can focus on working with your clients. can help Personal Trainers offer easy and convenient Online Booking, Scheduling and Reminders for Personal Training businesses of all sizes.  Whether you are the only trainer at your business or part of a larger team, GigaBook can be customized to scale to meet the needs of your business.

As a trainer, especially in smaller operations you are faced with the issue of how to manage your clients needs while actively training present clients.  Using Online Scheduling Software like GigaBook can help you focus on the client you have right in front of you while also offering top notch access and customer service to your other clients.

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software you can:

  • Accept appointment requests through your existing website
  • Create your own free personalized booking mini-site
  • Send clients text message and email reminders
  • Send reminders to yourself or other trainers about upcoming appointments
  • Easily reschedule appointments and notify clients about the change
  • Easily set repeat client appointments
  • Track success rate of all appointments

Through the use of effective appointment and calendar management you should experience the following benefits within your Personal Training business!

  • Higher conversion rate of appointments through reducing no-shows
  • Increased revenue due to ease of scheduling sessions by clients
  • Increased client retention through effective communication

Turn your existing website into a real-time booking website!

If you have an existing website for your Personal Training business you can easily convert your site to accept appointments with your real-time availability.  Use the GigaBook Booking Widget included in your subscription to easily take appointments on your website.  It’s as easy as creating and customizing your own booking widget and then inserting it on your own site!