Pet Daycare Booking Software

Online booking software great for Pet Daycare Businesses

Pet Daycare Booking SoftwareLast minute business trips, long days at work, vacations, and family emergencies can make owning a pet difficult on everyone’s busy schedule these days. That’s why your services of a pet daycare are so important as you care for each animal as if they are your own. You have always required a phone call and confirmation of availability to book pets for your daycare, but you are ready to advance your business model and allow people to book your space online and last minute.

GigaBook is the perfect solution to help your business run smoothly and efficiently, as a cloud-based appointment booking platform that can fit right on your existing website.

Try GigaBook’s Pet Daycare Booking Software

What does GigaBook offer that can help my Pet Daycare business? 

  • Email and text reminders for pick up or drop off
  • Accept deposits at time of booking
  • Email customized invoices and accept payments online
  • Create an exportable client list for future reference and reports
  • Create custom promo codes for new clients
  • Be available to your clients 24 hours a day without having to be by the phone
  • Keep your staff organized with a built-in to do list and emailed due dates and reminders

Your hands are full with man’s best friend (and possibly other pets), so let GigaBook focus on most of the clerical work for you. Test out a free trial of GigaBook today and you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.