Pet Sitter Appointment Software

Online Appointment Booking Software for Pet Sitters


Pet Sitter Appointment SoftwareDo you find yourself watching over other’s furry friends? Are you the go-to person your friends ask to watch their pets when they go out of town? Pet Sitting has become a fast growing industry. More and more individuals are taking their pets to pet day cares and/or have pet sitters come their home. Whether you are just starting out, or have been in the pet business for some time, it can become overwhelming having to watch multiple pets while doing other things. Are you looking for a way to make sure furry friends are well taken care of and grow your business at the same time? Online appointment software can help you with that!

When you have online appointment booking software working for you, you can focus your energy on others tasks that need to be accomplished. Such as taking the dogs for a walk, feeding or even bathing the furry companion. GigaBook offers customizable booking software and with the booking widget tool, you can match the widget to your current website. If you don’t have a website, GigaBook offers a business page to help you get started.

Try GigaBook’s Pet Sitter Appointment Software

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software you can:

  • Create customized appointment booking to match your website.
  • Accept appointments through your current website.
  • Sync with other calendars.
  • Send reminder notifications to clients about their appointments.
  • Easily set reoccurring appointments.
  • Easily reschedule appointments and notify clients.
  • Invoice clients and notify them of their invoice.