Petting Zoo Party Booking Software

Online petting zoo party scheduling application

Petting Zoo Party Booking SoftwareA petting zoo party is such a unique way to educate kids and most importantly, keep them entertained! Animals can be an exciting experience for people of all ages, from children to senior citizens. You will probably find a lot of interested clients for birthday parties, camp programs, festivals, school functions, and other celebrations; and your list of options for the available animals could range from reptiles to farm animals or small critters to exotic zoo animals. You might have a mobile petting zoo that can travel to the client or you might have the set-up for the party to come to you, but either way you are already so busy tending to the animals! So getting some help booking your clients and keeping track of where you animals are going to be at certain times can become a little overwhelming. That’s where GigaBook is here to help you.

Try GigaBook’s Petting Zoo Party Booking Software

GigaBook is a cloud based appointment booking platform that can accept real-time bookings online 24 hours a day right on your existing website! Your clients can read all about what you are offering for a petting zoo party, see all times you are available, choose what works for them, and even pay your requirement of a deposit or pay in full right there at the time of booking! GigaBook is extremely customizable to fit what your company offers even down to matching the colors on your website.

GigaBook can also help your Petting Zoo business by:

  • Sending automated email and text reminders to let your clients know when you will be there (or when they should be coming to you)
  • Allowing access to your GigaBook dashboard from any computer or mobile device
  • Storing your client information for easy access and organization
  • Keeping track of your invoices, both paid and unpaid
  • Keeping your calendar updated in real time so clients cannot book a time you are unavailable
  • Organizing your daily activities with To-Do Lists built right into your GigaBook dashboard
  • Gathering the information you require from your clients at time of booking with customizable sign-up forms
  • Unleash yourself from the constant chaos of updating your calendar, replying to phone calls and emails, and let your online booking assistant do this for you.