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Photography Business Booking SoftwarePictures! Pictures! Pictures! Everyone loves the memories! It can be so much fun to go get all dressed up and looking good for the exciting day! It can be one of they most memorable days of your life. True, quality bonding time with the people you love, sharing in an intimate setting and capturing moments that will last a lifetime through a lens. Now a days, it can be so hard to get everyones busy life contained for a few hours at the same time to take what some people call “Just Pictures.” But to the moms and the dads and the grandparents, these special photographs bring a tear to their eye knowing that the people they love are so happy and together.

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As you know though, the photography life is a hectic one. Be here when, there then; being every where, always. Then on top of that, you still have to edit, watermark, and get the picture to the clients. I would try and squeeze in free time, but during that time you’re talking to and booking new and upcoming clients for shoots! What if you didn’t have to though? What if you could have that free time and save a couple hours buy having that whole process automated. You can get updates on your phone when new people book. You have automatically have emails and texts go to your clients so they don’t forget. You can even have them pay right when they book so they won’t leave you just waiting and wasting your time! All of this is possible with GigaBook.

You can create a completely custom booking widget that allows you to automate your booking system. Right on your website you can allow customers to book your services and you can get a text saying that you have a new client. All of the wasted back and forth time spent trying to figure out schedules is hurtful to your business. Make the leap to GigaBook and get some more money but more importantly, some more time.