Photography Lessons Booking Software

Online class scheduling software ideal for photography classes

Photography Lessons Booking SoftwareAlthough many might consider oneself to be a photographer since their phone has a camera, the true art of photography is much more complicated. Learning how to use the proper equipment with the right lighting, how to develop film, and how to edit digital photography are only a few parts of photography that are under appreciated.

As a professional photographer, you are happy to share your knowledge of this art form with those who are passionate to learn, so you provide a photography lessons class. An online assistant such as GigaBook can help your business grow while making the logistics easier for you and save you time. GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment-booking platform that can fit right onto your existing website (or you can make one with GigaBook). With GigaBook, you can create available photography classes online (whether they are group classes or individual classes) and your clients can book your class in real time.

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What does GigaBook offer that can help my photography lessons grow?

  • Send text and email reminders to reduce no shows
  • Collect payments at time of booking
  • Send custom invoices via email and collect all payments online
  • Be available online 24 hours a day for online booking
  • Use the custom booking form to gather all necessary client information
  • Save your client information automatically from all online bookings
  • Use your to-do list with email reminders to make sure all your tasks are completed

Try out all of these useful tools and more with a free trial of GigaBook today. You’ll wonder how anyone gets any work done without it!