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Pool Cleaning Scheduling SoftwareThe warm weather is right around the corner, which means days spent at the pool are just as close. As the popularity of swimming pools rises so does the demand for pool services. Businesses who specialize in pool services are rapidly becoming overwhelmingly busy this time of year. As business becomes overwhelming, revenue is left on the table and efficiency goes straight out the window. Although maintaining status quo through this time period would be great, GigaBook can actually help improve both areas.

GigaBook can help improve efficiency for your pool services business by:

  • Using the integrated To Do list to make sure all employees are tracking all outstanding items
  • Automating appointment notifications for your technicians in the field
  • Showing consolidated views of all employee calendars

GigaBook also offers the ability to increase revenue by:

  • Offering online booking 24/7 for customers
  • Providing superior customer service to increase repeat business
  • Increasing potential business with promotional emailing

As times get busy, it gets difficult to provide the type of customer service that a business might strive to provide. In addition, potential opportunities are often missed due to inability to accommodate so many things in a short period of time. Providing some increased efficiency can open up the ability to accommodate some of these opportunities. You can start down the path to a new organization with a free trial from GigaBook.

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