Practice Room Booking Software

Cloud based appointment and reservation software ideal for booking practice rooms in your facility

Practice Room Booking SoftwareUniversities and different facilities will often offer sound-proofed practice rooms for rehearsals of loud activities whether it is singing, playing an instrument, dancing to loud music, or acting with true enthusiasm that would otherwise be too loud in a public or home setting. These practice rooms may be available to use or rent depending on rules of the facility and availability. The facility itself must keep the availability up to date and organized, which can be a time-consuming job in itself.

Your easy solution for timesaving and efficiently run booking of your practice rooms is GigaBook. GigaBook can allow your facility to offer online bookings right off of your very own website. Your students, members, or customers can go to your website 24 hours a day, find a room available that works with their schedule, and book their time needed without ever having to make a phone call, email, or wait for your confirmation.

Try GigaBook’s Practice Room Booking Software

GigaBook can offer much more than online booking, such as:

  • Collecting deposits or payments if required for booking the room
  • Saving client lists of all people who make online bookings or manually entered into system
  • Emailing and texting reminders to clients to keep schedule running smooth and on time
  • A scalable account allowing each room to have its own user ID under one main GigaBook account, so each room can be booked online and managed in one place
  • A to-do list which helps create efficiency and organization

GigaBook has a lot to offer any business, facility, or university that needs help with online booking of service providers (a person who provides a service such as an instructor or dog groomer) or resources (inanimate objects that can be rented such as a room or equipment). Check out GigaBook today to see how your facility can improve and become more successful while saving you time!