Real Estate Sales Agent Appointment Software

Real Estate Sales Agent Online Appointment Software


Real Estate Sales Agent Appointment SoftwareAs a real estate agent, your days are never the same. One day could be spent in the office, while other days are spent with clients looking at multiple homes. Real Estate consists of a lot of networking building a name for yourself. Some of these networking events can be during the day or in the evening and even on weekends. Most people decide to start looking for houses at night but then have to wait till the next day to try and contact someone. Do you see the trend here? With a very flexible schedule, delays in contact time, it can be difficult to manage multiple things at once without some type of assistance. With online appointment booking software, you are able to stay organized and have the ability to maximize your time.

Try GigaBook’s Real Estate Sales Agent Appointment Software

When you offer online appointment booking for your clients, you are able to connect with them even when you’re not in the office. GigaBook offers an appointment booking site that you can customize to match current themes of your website. When clients schedule appointments, you are able to send them notifications reminders about their appointments. If you have staff, you can set project lists and to-do list for them, making the office more efficient. With GigaBook you can sync with calendars such as Outlook and Gmail ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

With GigaBook Online Appointment you can: 

  • Use your current website to accept online appointments.
  • Send notification reminders to your clients.
  • Sync with calendars such as Gmail and Outlook.
  • Set project lists for you and your staff.
  • Accept appointments 24/7.