Repairman Appointment Booking Software

Online appointment booking application ideal for repairmen

Repairman Appointment SoftwareWhether you are a repairman (or repairwoman) working for yourself who can do it all, or you manage a whole crew of people who specialize in specific fields, keeping up with booking clients and keeping tracking of schedules probably isn’t your favorite part of the job. We have the perfect solution for you to help keep track of the daily bookings and reduce the phone calls.

GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment-booking platform that can fit right onto your existing website. Your clients will be able to see all days and times you are available and schedule you right then to fit into their schedule as well. You can also include “prep time” for appointments, which can account for driving time to ensure you are not overbooked throughout your day. Don’t have a website set up yet? No problem! GigaBook can help set up a page for you, too.

Try GigaBook’s Repairman Appointment Software

GigaBook has many great features to help with your repair business, such as:

  • Automated text and email reminders to you and your clients, so no more “Oops I forgot” and showing up to an empty house again
  • Accepting payments at time of booking for deposits or payments in full (if required) which reduces last minute cancellations
  • Online booking available through any phone or computer 24 hours a day
  • As the provider, you can access your GigaBook dashboard from any phone or computer
  • Capable of accepting promo codes for interest of new and repeat clients
  • Saving your client info for future information and promotions
  • Keeps track of your invoices for paid and unpaid customers

Let yourself focus on your expertise and stop worrying about the headaches from bookings, phone calls, reminder calls, invoicing, and keeping your schedule organized. Let GigaBook help repair that part of your business, and keep everything running smoothly!