Responsive Layout Testing Tool

Free Use Responsive Layout Testing Tool

These days a responsive website layout is extremely important for the success of an online business.  There are some studies that show mobile phones make up to 20 percent of a website’s traffic.  That is why it is important to ensure that your website is pleasant to the eye and easy to use on a desktop, tablet or phone, and with GigaBook’s Responsive layout tool you can ensure that website is looking clean and fresh across all devices.

When you input your site URL into the developer responsive layout tool it displays a preview of what your website will look like across mobile, small tablet and standard tablet.  You can view the website in both portrait and landscape versions.  These are the three most common screen resolutions and catering down to a 320 x 480 screen resolution will endure your website is responsive across all devices.  It’s that simple.

Sign up for a seven-day GigaBook trial and you can use the responsive layout web developer tool for free.  Along with the forty other web development tools, GigaBook offers complimentary of service.  GigaBook’s web development tools are easy to use and will ensure that your online platforms and businesses are sleek and update.  Invest in your business and try GigaBook today.

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Responsive Layout Testing Tool