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Roofing Contractor Appointment SchedulingAs temperatures rise and the days get longer, roofing season starts to create a huge increase in demand. Coming off the slowest time of year, everything tends to get extremely hectic during the warmer months. Here are a few tips on using GigaBook to help ramp up efficiency and hopefully create time for at least a few extra jobs this year.


  1. Use the reminders to help reduce no-show appointments.

Listen closely….That sound is someone, somewhere complaining about driving across town to give an estimate and the potential customer not being home. By the time you finally get back in touch, they have already spoken to another roofing company and the job is gone. Cut down on these no-shows by using the automated email and text reminders. How beneficial would it be to save just one of those jobs per year?

  1. Allow customers to schedule estimates online.

More than ever, business is done online. Many households spend the hours after work as a chance to browse the internet and knock off some items on their ever-lingering To Do list. If these people have the opportunity to schedule then, they will. Make it easy for someone to acquire your services. In addition, avoid those situations where you were already on the phone with another customer and missed a call. By the time you called back, the potential customer had already scheduled somewhere else.

  1. Organize jobs better with an integrated To Do List

Organization is key to performing work in the most efficient and time-friendly way possible. Spending time to plan can save immense amounts of time in the long run. To Do List items vary in importance and also include friendly reminders. Whether each employee has his/her own to do list or each job has its own to do list, your business will be operating at a whole new level.

These three tips will have your business heading in a very positive direction. By decreasing lost revenue, increasing potential revenue and creating efficiency to save time and money, your business will be the envy of everyone in town. All it takes to get started is signing up for a free 14-day trial today!

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