Seamstress Appointment Booking Software

Seamstress Online Appointment Booking Software

Seamstress Appointment Booking Software

Sewing is a trade that is becoming a lost art among most adults. If a button is missing or a ripped hole, people won’t get it fixed because they don’t know how to. With not many people knowing how to sew properly, your business has the chance to flourish tremendously. Imagine if you had nonstop customers coming into your shop. Any business owner would love that, but it then becomes difficult to get things finished if there are constant interruptions. With online appointment booking, you can spend more time on your current customer’s clothes and grow your business at the same time. You wouldn’t have to worry as often about interruptions when you are trying to finish something.

Try GigaBook’s Seamstress Appointment Software

Accepting online appointment booking allows you to continuously grow your business 24/7. GigaBook acts as your personal assistant all the time. With GigaBook, you can customize your booking widget that will accept appointments through your existing website. When a customer schedules an appointment with you, you are instantly notified of their appointment. As a customer’s appointment time is near, you can automatically send notification reminders to your customers. GigaBook will also sync with other calendars such as Gmail and Outlook, making sure you never overlook anything. When unexpected event come up, you are able to easily reschedule appointments for a late date.

With GigaBook Appointment Booking Software you can: 

  • Create a custom booking widget that accepts appointments through your website.
  • Send reminder notifications to customers.
  • Sync with other calendars.
  • Easily reschedule appointments.
  • Set project list for you and your staff.