Senior Care Provider Scheduling Software

Online booking software for Senior Care Providers

Senior Care Helper Scheduling SoftwareChildren are not the only ones who occasionally need to be looked after. Many senior husband and wives will dedicate their retirement to taking care of their spouse with their physical and mental health problems. Or grown children may be helping take care of their mothers or fathers. These wonderful caretakers need their breaks as well whether it is to get their own exercise, run some errands, travel where their spouse/parent cannot join, or just need some personal time to themselves. Not all of these caretakers can just leave their loved ones at home alone, and that is where you come in where they can book you to help take care of their spouse.

Try GigaBook’s Senior Care Provider Scheduling Software

Whether you are an agency or an independent contractor, you need an organized system to show availability of your time and a simple way to book that time. GigaBook can solve these issues along with offering many other tools that can help your business run more efficiently. GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment-booking platform that you can fit right onto your existing website, so your clients can book online 24 hours a day.

GigaBook’s tools can also help with:

  • Email and text reminders for your arrival
  • Customizable and emailable invoices to collect outstanding balances
  • Payments can be accepted online and even at time of booking
  • Promo codes can be created to attract new clients
  • Internal to-do lists can be made to get daily tasks completed
  • An exportable client list is saved from all online bookings and manual entries

Be more accessible to your clients with online booking, so they always know when you are available for them. Try a free trial of GigaBook today and let us help you help our seniors more efficiently.