Service Appointment Scheduling Software

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Service Scheduling SoftwareWhen operating a business that generates revenue based on service appointments, efficiency and customer service could not be more important. Business owners have some different options for increasing both of these aspects by implementing service appointment scheduling software like GigaBook.

GigaBook offers the ability to manage many different aspects of a business, while providing new features to increase efficiency and revenue all in one place. Many owners of service-oriented businesses realize software that can automate part of the business process will allow more time to focus on activities that directly increase revenue. With the ability to increase revenue and decrease cost through efficiency, businesses can be operating in a completely new territory.

At the surface, this sounds like a very easy decision. Let’s look at some common questions that typically arise when making the decision to implement GigaBook into current operations.

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How will using service appointment software increase my efficiency?

GigaBook provides the ability for customers to schedule an appointment on your website 24/7 with the actual availability of your staff. This means you do not have to be chained to a phone all day to schedule appointments, and your business now operates 24/7 for accepting appointments.

How will online scheduling improve my customer service?

GigaBook provides your business the opportunity to allow customers to schedule online. Giving your full availability at all times makes it extremely convenient for any customers to schedule at any point in time. You can also utilize the promotional emails to stay in touch and offer special deals to encourage repeat appointments.

What else can online service scheduling do to help my business?

GigaBook offers an integrated to do list with automated email reminders and notifications. By utilizing a to do list for all the employees of any business, productivity will be increased. In addition, GigaBook offers the ability to create a collaborative environment with the ability to share employee calendars. By allowing everyone in a business to have open access, it will create a new level of collaboration and teamwork.

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