Snorkeling Excursion Booking Software

Online reservation software ideal for snorkeling businesses

Snorkeling Excursion Booking SoftwareAs a prime destination for snorkeling, you like to keep control on the amount of people snorkeling at one time so it’s not over crowded, not to mention you only have so many supplies to rent out. So an easy way to solve this problem is with online booking ahead of time for those who want to reserve a spot for snorkeling (as many vacation planners like to plan their days out ahead of time).

What’s the best way to implement online booking to your business? With GigaBook! GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment booking platform working in real time that can either fit onto your existing website or you can create a page at no extra cost. Whether you offer tours or guide-free snorkeling at your beach, you will stay ahead of your competition, save time and best of all – stay organized.

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What are the ways that GigaBook can actually help my Snorkeling business stay organized?

  • Automatically send email or text reminders to clients to help reduce no shows
  • Use your to-do list for yourself and employees with email reminders to make sure all tasks are completed
  • Be available for online bookings 24 hours a day
  • Promote your business with custom promo codes
  • Generate emailable invoices and accept payments online
  • You can require online deposits at time of booking

With all these tools and many more, GigaBook is here to help your small business work as professional as a large one. With a free trial of GigaBook awaiting your business, there is no excuse of why your business shouldn’t be reaching its full potential.