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Real Estate Showing Online Appointment Software

Software For Real Estate Showings If there is one constant across most, if not all, of the world of real estate, it is change. With the constant fluctuations in rates, changes to government regulations and up and down markets, change is inevitable and never-ending. In a world full of change, it would be nice to have something in your agency that provides consistency and leads to better communication among staff and clients while reducing costs, wouldn’t it?

Try GigaBook’s Real Estate Showing Appointment Software

Using GigaBook online scheduling software, that can be done; real estate agencies will be able to book more showings, operate more efficiently and save money. Keep reading to see why it makes sense from a business standpoint.

  • Spend more time providing your expertise instead of selling it

When it comes to utilizing time efficiently, it makes sense that agents would want to take more time to show and sell homes rather than spending hours per week trying to schedule their time. Most agents or firms have their own website, and an online booking software allows clients to book themselves with the click of a button. They are able to see agents’ real-time availability and select the time(s) that work best for them, which means fewer no-show appointments and no-double bookings. The calendar also syncs with third-party calendars, and that means everyone is up-to-date at all times.

  • Create project checklists and to-do lists

Online appointment scheduling software also affords agents and firms the ability to reallocate certain responsibilities if need be. Through GigaBook’s “project” function, they can assign tasks and divvy them up between staff in order to complete projects that may not have gotten done before. Keeping things as organized, efficient and complete as possible frees up everyone’s time.

  • Ensure information is accurate and…

Within scheduling software, agents can add client names, addresses, notes and attach files to their appointments, ensuring better communication with clients and accurate information overall. With that information, they can create marketing strategies catered to specific clients, or create proposals and deliver proper paperwork.

  • …communication is thorough

Agents and staff can also set up automated reminders for clients or locations that have a recurring appointment/meeting. If there is ever a last-minute cancellation or schedule change, notifications can be sent to all appropriate parties and calendars updated to reflect the changes. The result is better communication among both staff and clients, which means higher overall satisfaction and more referrals.

Above are just a handful of ways GigaBook can help you or your firm become more efficient and operate more smoothly. Take a look at GigaBook’s online appointment software and see