Software for Scheduling Clients Online

Cloud based software ideal for scheduling your clients online

Software for Scheduling Clients OnlineThere are many things – good and bad – to consider while trying to grow your business. Should you hire more staff? Cut back on staff to save money? There may be a solution to help alleviate many of the issues and time constraints you face on a daily base. A great appointment scheduling software would not only help save you time, it would but help your business run much more efficiently.

Here’s why:

With a good booking software like GigaBook, you can easily create invoices for your clients, update statuses and keep track of all your invoices. The ability to automate these redundant tasks will free up time and help your staff operate more efficiently.

By creating responsibilities amongst your staff, you are able to give your clients the attention they deserve. Your business will run more efficiently and allow you to focus on the continued growth of your business.

Try GigaBook’s Software for Scheduling Clients Online

Appointment software is also a great way to allow clients to schedule their own appointments. With GigaBook’s widget, they are able to see your available time and schedule accordingly. This will result in fewer no-show appointments, end everything is updated and synced in real-time, so there is no worry about double-booking yourself!

If you run into an unforeseen circumstance, appointment scheduling software allows you to quickly and easily reschedule with your clients and notify them of the change. It also allows you to set up recurring reminders for any clients you may see on a regular basis. Another perk is that when a client books an appointment, the booking software will send reminders and notifications through email, text, or both, to your staff.

Your website will be where clients turn for more information about you and your business. With the click of a button, they are able to schedule their own appointments and the booking software will update all appropriate avenues accordingly.

With online booking software, you are able to

  • Set project lists and to-do lists for your staff
  • Allow clients to schedule their own appointments
  • Send notifications and reminders to your clients
  • Accept appointments through your existing website
  •  Create and track invoices

 Give GigaBook a try with a free, 14-day trial and see how you can become more efficient and watch your business grow!