Spray Tan Booking System Software

Online booking system for spary tan business owners

Spray Tan Booking System SoftwareWith it becoming that time of the year, people are wanting to start getting a little color to them, without all the risk of going to an actual tanning bed. Overall you have high praise and acceptance. People love being able to come to your business an not have to worry about any health problems. Spray tanning has been around for years and has become more and more popular over the past couple of decades. Millions of people are bronzing their skin, and you are who they go to…

You see your biggest problem being timing though. You will have a rush of people all at once; then none for a long time. Then the cycle repeats itself. A lot of the time you will be under staffed during the busy portion, or over staffed during the dead points. It is a difficult science to find the balance.

Try GigaBook’s Spray Tan Booking System Software

GigaBook is able to make that science a little easier for you. With GigaBook, you can being to allow online booking and take appointments in real-time from your current website. No more will you be too busy or too dead. You will have a consistent flow of traffic to keep your employees busy but not overwhelmed. Scheduling will average out your customer flow and ease the stress and worry of you and your staff.

With the hustle and bustle of everyones daily life, it can be very difficult for many customers to remember and be on time for all of their appointments. With GigaBook’s notifications and reminders this will never be a problem again. You have have automated emails or text messages going to your customers right when their appointment is made and again to remind them right before there appointment time. This will help reduce your no-shows so that you do not have to over staff!

With all of the different things on your plate as it is, why add these small tasks with them? Automate the things you can with GigaBook so you can focus on growing and pushing your business to the future.